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The Importance of Graphic Facilitation

Goals are an extremely important part of life. Whether personal, social, or professional goals, they drive individuals and companies forward and help them progress. While there are a number of different methods that people use to map out and achieve their goals, one that is incredibly useful is graphic facilitation.

Graphic facilitation is a method that uses a visual approach to help lead groups and individuals towards a goal. As a business owner or executive, you know that communication can be an issue and cause details and end goals to be misunderstood. Graphic facilitation leverages the idea of visual thinking and guides everyone to connect and be on the same page.

According to studies, 65% of the population consists of visual learners and odds are that the percentage visual learners in your meetings is even higher. That said, graphic facilitation is then an even more important and effective way to connect your company’s individual parts, combine ideas, and see things more clearly while innovatively solving problems together.

How can it be applied? Graphic facilitation has a number of applications including in situations where you or your company needs to identify critical issues and solutions, draft a story map, create a vision or mission, evaluate a current state and plan a future state, brainstorm, etc.

We offer organizational development and executive coaching to help you and your company reach your goals. Our graphic facilitation services are provided by Janine Underhill who has over 13 years’ experience. Janine has consulted Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, and no other consultant is more qualified.

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