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The great debate about whether leaders are made or born will always be around. In fact, it has been around for centuries and we will likely never hear the end of it. At Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, LLC we don’t engage in debates about where leaders come from. Instead, we aid and assist organizations to produce great leaders and help them to become better and more effective leaders.

Founded by Michael M. Lombardo, Ed. D. and Robert W. Eichinger, Ph. D., Lominger came about in 1991 and launched The Leadership Architect Suite, a range of products and services that are research-based, experience-tested, and internationally-recognized tools that can be custom-fit to any organization’s culture or operating style.We have incorporated this effective solution into our suite of products. In Lominger, there is no one-size-fits-all and our company prescribes to this belief. For us, the approach is customization to fit accordingly to the needs of the organization. A number of executive coaches using Lominger tools for various needs can vouch for this and still report success every time.

In 2006, Lominger eventually joined Korn Ferry International and is now in partnership with the world’s foremost provider of executive talent management solutions.

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With its primary mission to help organizations meet development challenges, the Lominger approach has a wide range of tools, applications, and a support system known as The Leadership Architect Suite that is built upon 67 competencies known as the Lominger competencies.

Lominger competencies have become the universal common denominator in creating effective HR systems that drive the majority of job successes. It is not uncommon to hear of executive coaches using Lominger tools or coaches using Lominger to gauge the success of their teams. (Note that a competency is a measurable characteristic of a person – a skill, an attribute, or an attitude – in relation to his success at work.)

The Lominger Competencies, together with 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers and 7 Global Focus Areas, identified as critical to success, may be custom-fit to any organization’s needs. Its application includes creating competencies models, job profiling and training, recruiting new hires, succession planning, giving feedback, performance management, and designing a development plan. No wonder in so many organizations executive coaches using Lominger tools have become so prevalent.

The 67 Lominger Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers and 7 Global Focus Areas, are based on actual research and competency work that has spanned many years.

Empirical testing of these Lominger competencies have revealed that there is a related proficiency between Lominger competencies to bonus levels, stock options, profitability, and exceeding sales targeted for sales managers, and retention of key staff.

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In 2014, Korn Ferry released the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA) and Voices 360, which simplified the Lominger tools into 38 competencies and 10 Career Stallers and Stoppers. They also released a new version of the FYI book. We now offer both versions of the tool, depending on our clients’ needs and preferences.

Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, LLC offers the Lominger VOICES® 360 and Korn Ferry VOICES® 360 Feedback Systems. This system is a tool used to deliver multi-rater feedback to a selected individual in an organization, for assessing developmental needs.

Find out how powerful this system is and the huge effect it can have on your organization. Give us a call today at (720) 318-6625.

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