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The TENOR Method is a powerful new way to think about how we can use our emotions as guides to reveal our unmet needs, improve performance, manage stress, and gain insight into team dynamics. TENOR is a 5-step method for learning to work WITH rather than AGAINST your emotions. TENOR corrects the root causes of Stress, Reactivity, Negativity, Powerlessness and Disengagement – enhancing your Vitality, Composure, Accountability, Resourcefulness and Enthusiasm and raising your performance in the process.

TENOR is an acronym that stands for release Tension, name Emotions, own Needs, generate Options, and gut check Resolutions. This powerful process enables you to transform uncomfortable emotions into insight and action that delivers results.

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We invite you to explore our revolutionary new approach to raising adaptability, in which emotions serve as guides for improving performance.

TENOR can be applied to address a number of common challenges.

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The true cause of ORGANIZATIONAL STRIFE is a lack of alignment between two or more individuals/groups in response to change.

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The true cause of PERSONAL STRESS is a lack of alignment between the conscious and subconscious minds in response to change.

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PAINFUL EMOTIONS are subconscious calls for conscious behavior change which arise when we are not on track to fulfill a fundamental human need.

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We offer both individual coaching and group/team workshops that teach you how to apply TENOR in your personal and work life.

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