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The Results System™ reveals your personal patterns, both conscious and unconscious, that determine your success on a daily basis. Through a unique facilitated coaching process, delivered either as a short-term, standalone experience or as part of a longer coaching engagement, you look deeply into the system that drives your thinking and behavior to find the patterns that work and those that do not. Armed with this powerful data, you are able to operate at your peak. Successful Leadership for companies including Shell International, Intel, Pella Corporation, Nektar Therapeutics, University Polytechnic in Madrid and many others.

As licensed coaches in The Results System™ methodology, we can help you discover and work towards optimizing your performance in the workplace and your personal life.

The best way to look at the Results System™ (see below image) for the first time is to read it backward, from right to left.
It shows that we seem to get:

  • Results because we took certain….
  • Actions based on…
  • Choices we made from what we felt were our available…
  • Options based on our conscious or unconscious…
  • Goals

When we get stymied about moving forward or find that regardless of our changes the result looks the same, it is because we have not delved into the invisible part of our Results System to make changes. We need to look at the next set of gears:

  • Perceptions: how we see it
  • Beliefs what we believe about it
  • Habits how we have done things before
  • Expectations what we anticipate will happen
  • Assumptions what we suppose to be true about the results
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Imagine discovering the keys to achieving your goals and dreams!

For more in depth information about the Results System™ please download the following pdf brochures.

Contact Terry Hildebrandt for a free initial consultation at (720) 318-6625.

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