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What is Social + Emotional Intelligence?

Social and Emotional Intelligence (S+EI) is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships.

The truth is, the most successful people in work and in life have the ability to manage themselves and manage their relationships with others. S+EI encompasses many skill sets, including stress management, resilience, managing conflict productively, powerful influencing skills, catalyzing change, teamwork and collaboration, building trust and much more.

Unfortunately, we see it most when it is lacking—think of the boss who explodes when a deadline is missed, or the co-worker whom no one trusts. These people are limited by their lack of S+EI skills.

The good news? S+EI can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives. It’s never too late to add these essential skills to your career strategy. And research indicates the quickest way to enhance your S+EI is through coaching and workshops.

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How we can develop Social + Emotional Intelligence through coaching

We begin with an assessment of S+EI skills. We use the most comprehensive S+EI assessment instrument on the market today, the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP). This gives us immediate insights into our client’s strengths and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, allowing us to target the most important areas for development first.

Once we have identified strengths and weaknesses in S+EI, we work with our clients to create a development plan for strengthening their social and emotional intelligence. Over the course of several sessions (and a complete S+EI coaching program can run six months or more), we provide our clients with worksheets, tip sheets and all the tools they need to accelerate their own selfIn addition, throughout the coaching program, we work with our clients on key relationship management skills such as powerful influencing skills, communication, visionary leadership, conflict management, teamwork, and collaboration, and building trust (among others).

This comprehensive coaching program is guaranteed to quickly enhance our client’s awareness of themselves and others, and better manage themselves and their relationships with others.

In addition to the coaching program, we also offer training in S+EI. We would be happy to join your organization for a lively, interactive, and highly informative one hour(Lunch `n Learn) session (workshop) to introduce the concept of social and emotional intelligence. During this time, we can also provide participants with their very own Social + Emotional Intelligence Profiles so they can identify their strengths and potential vulnerabilities in S+EI.

If there is sufficient interest in the topic, we can arrange to bring a series of weekly (or monthly) two day training modules into your organization on topics such as:

  • Stress management and resilience
  • Powerful influencing skills
  • Personal power (a combination of selfthe power to take on whatever life throws our way)
  • Managing conflict productively and constructively
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Building trust in the workplace

. . . and many more. In all, we can provide a comprehensive program that will enhance the S+EI skills of your workforce in 26 distinct areas.

For more information, please contact us.

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