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How is a business coach different than a professional sports coach? A professional sports team tend to excel where education, science, government and even business fall short. The primary reason is that professional sports teams invest substantial resources into developing extraordinary coaches, whereas a business coach may not be a consideration. Along with their experience and knowledge, these sports coaches are in turn able to develop exceptional players and team cohesion that are capable of winning the most high-profile games.

Even great managers cannot realistically hope to bring their management prowess to motivate professionals at a level that a business coach is able to do so. Management has its place for sure. However, business coaching and leadership training can guide your executives and other team members on the right track, and help your business develop the right kind of players. With extraordinary players, you’ll be winning big games against your competition. Even small businesses can take advantage of leadership training.

Every successful business owner knows that achieving success is hard won at the very least. A business needs the best business coaching to develop an extraordinary organization that can profit on a regular basis. Every business can benefit from coaching as we offer small business leadership training at Terry Hildebrandt and Associates.

Employees in a business work very hard, day in and out, while struggling against competitors to sell products and services. Products and services need to be sold to customers who demand something more – immediate delivery, lowest price, instant response, superior customer service and high quality. Business coaching can impact all of this and cannot be overstated.

The Difference

A lot of people wonder about the key difference between business managing and business coaching. One major challenge that is common in most business organizations is that people prefer moving to management roles once they have properly mastered technical competence in a specific department.
The natural move and accepted norm is to move a skilled and qualified salesperson to a sales management position. Similarly, a highly qualified engineer developing quality code for a project is promoted to manage some other programmers. A productive and skilled accountant may be promoted to the post of Accounting Manager.

Managing is mostly related to achieving certain results and performing specific tasks. On the other hand, business coaching focuses on leading a group towards integrated organizational goals. In the absence of effective business coaching, managers can easily fall into the habit of just dictating to-do lists, unnecessarily pressurizing employees, micromanaging and other such tasks that may lower productivity and efficiency.

Employees may notice new and vibrant sales managers taking over entire sales processes in a client meeting. Often this leads to the frustration of account executives and other team members who may be directly responsible for the account. Business coaching teaches and guides professionals to accept these things while enhancing their work and productivity with the eye on shared goals in the organization.
Many studies and surveys help us to realize and understand the behavioral distinctions between business managing and business coaching.

To get the business coaching edge you need, contact Terry Hildebrandt and Associates LLC or give us a call at 720.318.6625.

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