Have you had the experience of walking into a room of employees to address what seems like an insurmountable change in the industry and your team is looking to you for the guidance to plan the path forward? Have you been in a situation where your team has become divided into camps that are blaming one another for missed targets and it’s your job to unify the team and move people forward? Are there employees with style differences that you simply can’t seem to work through to effectively develop?

Individual leadership coaching provides the tools, techniques, assessments and guidance to work through these challenges and more. The coaches at Terry Hildebrandt and Associates have been there. We have seen it all, and it has been the nuance and best practice of leadership necessary in these moments of conflict and confusion that has driven us to develop a customizable curriculum to develop emerging leaders and to provide the insight and perspective necessary for experienced leaders facing new challenges to move the culture forward and to succeed.
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  • Assess your current situation
  • Identify areas for development
  • Create a map for personal growth and leadership advancement


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